Festivus for the Restivus

December 23, 2016

Half day at school + a wild amount of errands + BUOY CHRISTMAS means I am not hitting the gym today…oops.

I wanted to share some of my eating habits and intake routines which are very inconsistent to say the least.

Breakfast usually consists of protein powder and water in my shaker, a cup of coffee with a dash of protein powder so I don’t need milk or sugar (really looking forward to trying caramel mocha powder for this purpose), and maybe an Eggo waffle if we have them in the house.

Lunch: Yogurt. I really like the flips that have the toppings on the side. Does a decent job of keeping me full. Thursdays I like to order a salad for lunch and get some greens in the diet.

Dinner (if it happens…oops again): whatever left overs or whatever Dad is making. The schedule is so busy that I’m usually home too late to want to eat, or starving that I eat everything. No in between.

Snacks: love some goldfish or the granola bars with high protein. I look for high grams of protein and low sugar in my granola bars. Hard to find when you’re looking at the chocolate ones. When in doubt, tablespoon of PB

Don’t forget to have some cookies or Hershey kisses DAILY. Very important staple to my diet.


XO Patricia


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