Here goes nothing!

December 22, 2016

This is going to be a long one since I am trying to get myself straight on this, so hang in there.

What I typically try to do in a week (or cycle if I don’t get to go 5/6 days in a row- rare), is

  1. Leg day (machines)
  2. Back, chest, some shoulders
  3. Leg day (free weights)
  4. Shoulders, abs, make up day
  5. Accessories (biceps, triceps, and calves)
  6. Long Cardio Day
  7. Rest. (God said so, didn’t he?)

Is it perfect? No, but it allows one area to recover while the other one is working hard. Of course, some days I’ll tap into other areas because I’m in the zone and I have the tools do to so.

I have to give credit to amandaraines_fit instagram. I reference her feed when I’m struggling to string together workouts or I want to check on form and technique. She’s extremely realistic (mom with a life), and is in good shape. Give her a follow!

It has been really nice not really having anything to do after school lately. It has given me extra time to go to the gym and not feel so rushed to finish. Today, I tutored 3-5:30 so I was able to get some good time in at the gym before the Giants game (tough loss- let’s not go there).

Today’s routine was dressed by a white old navy racer back tank, some fancy strappy sports bra and under armour leggings.


Before I start anything, I take a Ideal Lean Fat Burner vitamin (aka green tea) and I fill my shaker bottle up with water and a scoop of Ideal Lean Raspberry Lemonade BCAA protein. This helps me feel energized throughout the entire workout, zero calorie, sweat inducing, and limits soreness.

the workout

I try and stretch for about 5-10 minutes before I start any kind of activity. Mostly leg stretches- deep and slow.

Cardio: I did 5 minutes on the stair master. Program: fat burner. Lowest step rate- 75 steps per minute. Then, I headed to the treadmill for a sprint workout. I started 2:30 at 7 mph. Every 30 seconds I increased my speed by .5 until I was running at 10 mph. The run only lasted for 5 minutes.

Today was a leg day with free weights. I started on the squat rack. I like to start with the biggest muscles first. I did 3 sets of 10 reps each. I use the bar (45 lb) and I added a 25 lb plate to each side totaling 95 lb. Do an amount of weight that works for you!!!

From there, I took 4 kg. kettle bells and did walking lunges. 3 reps of 16 lunges (8 per leg). Pulsing lunges followed. Basically you stay in a lunge position and bounce up and down. I held a 25 lb plate for this. 3×10 each leg.

OK this next super set produced a really good sweat and an elevated heart rate. I held the 25 lb plate and did regular deep squats. I then went to a step raised on one block and did curtsey lunges with an 18 lb bar on my shoulders. On curtsey lunges, I swing my leg back a little past my hip. I did 3×10 each leg and and 3×10 for the squats. I constantly hydrate during my workout to keep my muscles fueled. I also try to limit my rest time so I can finish my workout earlier, and keep my heart rate going strong since I don’t do a ton of cardio to prep.

This next superset I was dying. I was only able to do 2 rotations. I will probably decrease the weight to make it easier. I took the step I was using and turned it long ways so I could step over it. I start by standing on it, and place one foot off to the side and squat. I come back up, and squat to the other side. I’m also holding a 25 lb plate. I do 10 squats per leg. To superset, I took a 15 lb dumbbell and sat in a squat position and did lateral step outs- trying to stay in one place. EXHAUSTING.

Next, super set included sumo squats with a calf raise within the squat (works the inner thighs) and good mornings (bending over the waist while keeping your legs straight- pull from the booty). Both workouts have the 18 lb bar on my shoulders.  Both exercises: 3×10.

I can’t remember but some how I factored calf raises with the 18 lb bar into this workout…maybe with the super set above? not sure but it did happen. Lastly, I wanted to be creative and took the half bouncey ball also known as bosu (I think) and I tried to stand on this as a wall sit but let me tell you it is not easy. Once I stood on it, it took me forever to figure out how to stay balanced so once I got going, I just kept going and did 50 squats on it with no weight. Also extremely challenging to get off of the thing.

This workout took me about 1.5 hours I would say. I definitely dilly dally and stare at the cute boys a lot of the time.

Good luck!

XO Patricia



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