Holiday Crunch

December 26, 2016

Rest, relaxation, evaluation, reflection redirection and motivation on this lovely day after Christmas. Got some new digs for Christmas, and thanks to Amber, decided to try ’em out at the gym today.

Today was a back and chest day, which typically doesn’t take too long. The weight setting I use for each exercise is a very manageable weight for me. I don’t push extra hard or heavy simply because I am looking to tone and define. I could go heavier for a fail set, but that is not the gain I am looking for. The downside to this is that my heart rate rarely gets elevated to a high intensity level.

the workout

  • Stretch, stretch, stretch!
  • 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical looking machine, but it is more of a glide than a circular motion
  • Vertical pull downs 3 sets of 10 reps. 1st set: 50 lb, 2nd set: 55 lb, 3rd set: 60
  • Chest press 3×12. 1st set: 20 lb, 2nd set: 25 lb, 3rd set: 30 lb
  • Seated rows, close grip (GO SLOW, really feel it) 3×10 5o lb
  • Tricep press 3×10 50 lb
  • Chest fly machine (arms out to the side –> push to the middle) 3×10 45 lb
  • Ab incline bench 5×10 no added weight
  • Squat position upward row on cable machine 3×12 50 lb
  • 30 lb barbell high pull row 3×12
  • Russian twists with 10 lb plate 3×20
  • 15 push ups to super set the Russian twists
  • 10 lb plate raises 3×10
  • 5 minute run at 5.0 speed (arch started to feel like a tear – would have ran for 10)
  • sauna 10 minutes

Starting to feel tinier despite the number on the scale not changing too much.

(refer to my post about progress monitoring to see why!)

washed my face immediately upon exit of the sauna – really opens up your pores, it’s amazing


Came home and showered with a few drops of “happiness” essential oil diffused into the water, and did a bamboo charcoal face mask after my shower – also very cleansing.

Here is a gross pic of me !!!!!!

XO Patricia




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