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December 27, 2016

HAPPY TUESDAY – today was a glute focused leg day and boy do the buns burn. I also will be adding a delish smoothie recipe and highlighting a dear friend who has shared a muffin recipe with me as well (check out pages for that!).

the workout

  • 15 minutes on the stair master – interval workout 60-105 steps per min
  • treadmill sprint workout – 2 minutes at 6.5, 1 minute at 7.0, 1 minute at 7.5, 1 minute at 9.0, then 2 minutes at 2.0 with a 1.0 incline to recover
  • Leg press 3×10 at 100 lb. With this, each set has a different foot setting – together, shoulder width, and then wide leg. For each, my feet are positioned close to the top of the press part
  • Same machine, but now I sit sideways and did an individual leg pressat 40 lbs and did one set of 10 for each leg. I finish this machine off with 1 set of 20 calf raises at 80 lb
  • Glute press machine 3×10 at 87.5 lb
  • squat rack
    • squats-3×10 at 65 lb with a calf raise super set 3×10
    • backwards lunges off step without risers 3×10 65 lb
    • straight leg dead lifts (keep back flat and legs straight!!!) 3×10 65 lb. I step on a 5 lb plate for each foot to raise my toes – really burns throughout the hamstring
  • leg extension machine 3×10 40 lb
  • leg curl machine 3×10 30 lb
  • hip abduction machine
    • closed to open in an elevated squat position 4×10 2 sets at 55 lb, 2 sets at 60 lb
    • open to closed in an elevated squat position 4×10 at 50 lb
  • inner leg lefts super set with side leg lifts 3×10 each exercise and each side
  • 1 minute side plank each side
  • straight leg lifts from an all-4s position 3×10
  • hydrants with a kick 3×10 (BURNS)
  • rainbow leg lifts (straight leg but go from one shoulder to the other) 3×10
  • knees to squat position 3×10 with 10 lb plate
  • glute bridges with a chair and 10 lb plate resting on hips 3×10
    • right leg on chair
    • left leg on chair
    • both legs on chair

BOOTY is burning but so worth it. I’ve been trying to round my butt out a little more, and shrink upper areas of my thighs

This took me 2 hours, usually I break up leg day into machines and then free weights, but I was in no rush so I powered through. POWER by Kanye was some motivation today.

Also- wore Aerie workout leggings- amazing. SO comfy and feel like fabletics but def a lot cheaper

…and I am not washing my hair today. Gonna let the oils soak in =)


Squat on muchachas

XO Patricia


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