December 30, 2016

Today was an active day to say the least. I aim to have a an active but easy day, but I plan on going to the gym tomorrow, so that is what the session will look like. LOTS of sweating today and it felt so good. Trying to sweat out all of my demons of 2016 so I still have some dignity left for 2017.

the workout

  • 15 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5 mph, last minute ran at 8.5 mph.
  • 15 minutes running glide elliptical machine. resistance at 15
  • 15 minutes stair master fat burner interval 30-75 steps per minute
  • 15 minutes exercise bike that looks more like a chair than a bike. Level 3 resistance
  • sauna 15 minutes
  • steam room 5 minutes
  • plenty of stretch breaks in between some of the cardio

GREAT great sweat, and followed it by a refreshing berry banana smoothie.




XO Patricia


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