End on a pro

December 31, 2016

Happy NYE Everyone!!! Plz be safe as you get reckless and rowdy tonight. I had anticipated today being a rest and recovery day, but decided to squeeze in some back, biceps and triceps into the mix to hopefully add some definition to myself before tonight (dreaming).

**A pal of mine made an app recommendation that she uses for ABS (I know some of you have asked for more intense ab workouts). Checkout Sworkit – ITS FREE!! It gives demos, customizes to your time and intensity. I’m gonna check it out next week.

Also, stay tuned for some workouts that incorporate resistance bands. I just got mine in the mail and can’t wait to experiment. Will be great for days I can’t get to the gym or have to cut workouts short. I got 5 different bands with different resistance levels for 9 dollars on amazon…can’t beat that.

the workout

  • 15 minute cardio on some machine that looks like the thing on tv that’s a treadmill, step master and elliptical. I did not like this and probably will never do it again
  • 1 set of 10 shoulder press 10 lb
  • vertical extension pull down 3×10 55/60 lb
  • Lateral pull down machine 3×10 50 lb
  • close grip seated row 3×10 50 lb
  • wide grip seated row 3×10 50 lb
  • adjustable cable machine
    • palms down upward row in a squat position 3×10 40 lb
    • straight arm pull down 3×10 30 lb
    • straight arm pull up (back to machine, pull through legs) 3×10 30 lb
    • waist high single arm row 3×10 30 lb each side
    • tricep pull down 3×10 25 lb
    • overhead row (kneeling on ground) 3×10 30 lb
  • tricep extension on seated row 3×10 10 lb
  • 30 lb dumbbell high pull 3×8
  • 30 lb dumbbell bicep curl 3×5
  • calf raise machine 2×15 100 lb

This was to redeem myself from Tuesday’s shitty workout. Break a sweat!

P.S. if there is ever a move or question you have about the workout, don’t hesitate to ask!! Terminology is sometimes different to each person.

XO Patricia


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