new year, no new beer

Jan 2, 2017 WOO

We graduated from 8th grade 10 years ago. OLD.

2017 may bring lots of new positivity and feels and changes (good and bad) but it does not bring new beer. Bud lights forever.

Speaking of 2017, my friend spoke of the term resolution- a solution. But we aren’t looking for a solution unless there is a problem. We want to set forth a plan, goal, whatever you want to call it, but something to support self improvement either mentally or physically. Start today, the year, with a step in a positive direction. That is all it takes.

I used yesterday as a rest day, not because I was terribly hungover, but my body felt sore and needed a break. Today took me back to the beginning of my routine, and I needed to readjust my workouts ever so slightly since I have to go back to work tomorrow (sad). I encourage you to use today as a chance to take your measurements. Step on the scale if you would like, but celebrate any progress you achieve. It is easier to see progress in inches than in pounds =)

the workout

  • 15 minutes running glide elliptical resistance 15 incline 10
  • squats 65 lb on the bar 4×10
  • leg press 3×10 80 lb
  • calf raise 3×10 80 lb
  • hamstring machine 3×10 40 lb
  • quad press 3×10 40 lb
  • glute press 3×10 87.5 lb
  • hip abduction open 3×12 60 lb
  • hip abduction close 3×10 55 lb
  • walking lunges 3 sets of 20 lunges total 8 kg kettle bells in hand

not a super exhausting workout, or long for that matter. Went back to really just the machines and not much with free weights. Took about an hour. Really squeeze the muscles when doing the exercises to keep yourself at a slow pace and really feel the burn.

For breakfast I had 2 table spoons of fage 0% plain yogurt and 6 strawberries and a handful of blue berries. Used a scoop of chocolate protein powder and water to wash it down, and drank my regular BCAA powder during the workout and afterwards to fuel and recover. Couple of sniffs of “happiness” essential oil in the shower to brighten my mood, and here we are. DREADING tomorrow.

Good luck!!


XO Patricia



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