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Jan 5, 2017

Feeling pretty unmotivated today for some reason despite tutoring getting cancelled. Took a lighter day and focused on the smaller, “accessory” areas today.

Had a delish salad from Bistro today for lunch. Thursday’s I treat myself and order with the rest of the teachers. Today’s special is the popeye salad: cucumber, celery, avocado, grilled chicken, broccoli, romaine, spinach. and arugula. Side of balsamic but didn’t even touch the dressing! Highly recommend.

the workout

  • 15 minutes on the spin bike
  • shoulder press 3×10 @ 10 lb
  • tricep pull down 3×12 @ 30 lb
  • incline bench tricep skull crushers 3×6 @ 10 lb
  • forward dumbbell raises 3×5 @ 8 lb
  • seated bicep curl 3×10 @ 8 lb
  • cable reverse pull down 3×10 @ 10 lb
  • cable bicep curl 3×10 @ 10 lb
  • dumbbell bench press 3×10 @ 10 lb
  • resistance band pull aparts 3×10
  • resistance band leg lifts: side, back, inner leg 3×10 each
  • 10 minute run @ 6.5
  • 20 calf raises on a step
  • sauna 15 minutes

I’ve been on a weird running kick lately, and I’ve been feeling good while doing it. It’s like I’m back to some kind of “pre-season” kind of shape and I’m ok with it. Running has also helped me see some significant definition in the muscles closer to my knees. Also ok with this. Give running a shot, even if just minimally once a week.

While in the sauna, I try and meditate and focus on my breathing. It is really important to take time for yourself and just breathe. I felt refocused and reenergized. Even if it is just 10 minutes, you’ll sleep better. Try the app HeadSpace for a free 10 sessions of meditation.


OH one more thing. I am serious about the progress in inches. For example, my torso has shrunk by 2 inches in 3 areas…the scale may not change, but the inches and your size will. People I see every day have noticed that I look narrower to them. It’s amazing what can happen when you put your mind to it. God Speed my friends.


XO Patricia



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