real life starting to kick in

Jan 7, 1017

Welp. Workouts definitely at the mercy of everything else going on. Yesterday I only had about 40 minutes to spend at the gym so my workout was really, really short. I had to work two sporting events at the high school, so I opted for a salad with no dressing instead of pizza even though I really wanted pizza. Struggles

the workout

  • 5 minute run at 6.0 mph
  • leg press 3×12 @ 100 lb
  • calf raises 3×12 at 100 lb
  • quad press 3×10 @ 32.5 lb
  • hamstring press 3×10 @ 30 lb
  • hip abduction closed–> open 5×10 @ 55 lb.
  • weighted kick backs 1×10 @ 12.5 lb
  • weighted side leg lifts 1×10 @ 12. 5 lb
  • weighted inner leg lifts 1×10 @ 12.5

I’ve been using the cable machines so much recently. They are so versatile and pretty easy to use. You can pretty much perform a total body workout on a single cable machine. Give it a try.

I hope to get to the gym today, now that most of my activities have been postponed due to snow. Stay tuned!


XO Patricia



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