working in a petri dish

Jan 9, 2017

Another crazy day at school being pulled in so many directions I don’t even know where to begin. Oh…and a cold sore turned up…super. But have no fear peppermint essential oil cures that. The best thing about being a teacher is being submerged in germs all the time…said no teacher ever. I will say, I have not used Purell at all this winter season and only relied on essential oils, and this is the sickest I’ve been. Knock on wood.

Tutored and got a quick workout in before working a basketball game. Another back day. I really like the workouts for these muscles. They’ve been narrowing my physique and also improved my posture so double win there.

the workout

  • stair master 10 minutes interval 85-115
  • seated close grip row 3×10 @ 50
  • seated wide grip row 3×10 @ 40
  • vertical pull down palms away 3×10 @40
  • vertical pull down palms toward 3×10 @ 50
  • straight arm pull downs 3×10 @ 40
  • straight arm pull ups 3×10 #40
  • 20 lb dumbbell high pulls 3×10
  • 20 lb dumbbell straight leg dead lifts 3×10
  • 20 lb dumbbell good mornings 3×10



  • breakfast
    • old fashioned oats
    • cinnamon
    • almond milk
    • chocolate protein powder
  • lunch
    • chocolate haze craze flips yogurt
    • smoothie- acai berry puree, frozen berry medley, almond milk, halved almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds

I felt so full all day and didn’t need a snack when I got home. I had a protein granola bar in between the gym and the high school, and drank close to 2 gallons of lemon water today.


UPDATE on the coconut oil

ok so I tried it in my hair and DEF did it wrong. Will be trying again when I have more time. Coconut oil on my skin (including my face overnight) has been amazing. I feel so hydrated and smooth. And I smell pretty good. No complaints here, I highly recommend. Looking forward to trying it in a smoothie tomorrow.


XO Patricia



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