is it June yet?

Jan 10, 2017

It is far from it. What a dreary cold Tuesday. Can’t even be joyous that it is the peak of the work week. Friday can’t come soon enough. Thank GOD This is Us comes back tonight.

Had to get a quick leg workout in today, but it had my heart beating pretty good. Also experimented with spinach in my smoothie. effed that one up today…but it will get better I hope.

the workout

  • elliptical glide machine 10 minutes. 15 resistance
  • squat rack
    • 5×10 regular stance squats 65 lb bar
    • 3×10 pulsing curtsey lunges 45 lb bar
    • 3×10 backward lunges 3×10 45 lb bar
  • abduction
    • push open 3×10 60 lb
    • push closed 30 @ 55 lb

the pulsing curtsey lunges, or regular lunges or squats are great exercises to get the heart rate elevated and work your muscles. Make sure to keep good form to prevent injury!

Check back tomorrow for another workout!

XO Patricia


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