donut day

Jan 11, 2017

Today was a stressful day at work, but did get some quality gym time in, I think? Had a delish avocado from Natural and polished it off with a donut after school. It’s about finding the balance, remember?

the workout

  • stair master that looks like a conveyor belt – 10 minutes regular steps, 10 minutes sideways walking
  • tricep pull downs 3×10 @ 40
  • side leg lift with medium resistance band 3×10 as a superset
  • single arm, static pull down 3×10 @ 20
  • kick backs with heavy resistance band 3×10 as a superset
  • bicep curl 3×8 @ 20
  • squats with medium resistance band 3×20 as a superset
  • chest press 3×10 @ 20
  • tricep dumbbell skull crushers 3×10 @ 5 on exercise ball
  • chest flys with dumbbell 3×10 @ 5 on exercise ball as a superset
  • crunches on exercise ball 3×10
  • pushups 3×5 as a superset
  • squats 3×10 with heavy resistance
  • side leg lifts 3×10 each with heavy resistance
  • medium resistance band pull aparts 3×10 as a triple set with squats and leg lifts
  • Russian twists with 5 kg ball 3×20 each side


every morning I have a pharm party. JK but kind of. I take a nice assortment of vitamins each day to help me get on track. Give ’em a try but do what makes you feel good!

  • fish oil (breakfast, lunch)
  • green tea extract (breakfast, lunch, pre workout)
  • biotin (hair, skin, nails)
  • vitamin c (keep me healthy)
  • b 12 (honestly not positive)
  • iron (anemic at times)


Very excited to add vanilla protein powder into my shakes! Possibilities are endless!


Sweat on ladies

XO Patricia


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