new levels of comfort


Jan 14, 2017

Skipped the gym yesterday to hit up the pub across the street from school to drown my stresses in bud light (hence finding the balance).

Got to the gym today, along with Aunt Flo who tends to have to extremes- either motivates me to work out or exhausts me to the point that I forget where the gym is. Today I went and felt ok.

CROWDED though, so not the best workout, but felt good enough to share. Enjoy!

the workout

  • 10 minute high incline and resistance on the elliptical glide machine (with sweatshirt)
  • vertical traction/pull down 3×10 @ 55/60
  • lateral pull down (works all back muscles and chest- really great workout) 3×10 @ 55
  • 20 lb dumbbell high pulls 3×10
  • seated row, close grip 3×10 @ 50 lb
  • 20 lb dumbbell row 3×10 each arm
  • 3×10 @ 40 straight arm pull down
  • 3×15 @ 20 lb ab crunch
  • 3×10 @ 30 chest fly machine
  • sauna 20 minutes

Today I reached a new level of comfort, or discomfort. Shared a sauna session with a very large and very naked woman. Happy Saturday everyone!

Also hit up Old Navy for a dope activewear sale – 5 pieces for $100- not too shabby. Check it out.

XO Patricia


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