Jan 21, 2017

Crazy day yesterday so I only got a 30 minute workout in so I will share it below with today’s workout. I’ve been feeling real good lately and want to share a picture I took this morning of myself. Let this empower you.

img_7366the workouts


  • leg press 3×10 @ 100
  • quad press 3×10 @ 20
  • hamstring 3×10 @ 30


  • 20 minute interval on the elliptical
  • squat rack
    • 5×10 squats 45 lb bar and heavy resistance band
    • 3×10 backward lunges 45 lb bar with body weight pulse lunges to superset (seriously elevates heart rate and gets you sweating!!)
    • 5×10 wide leg squats with 65 lb bar
    • 5×10 straight leg deadlifts with 65 lb bar
  • squat position step outs for saddle bags 5×10 each with heavy resistance band
  • bosu ball jackknife abs 5×10
  • incline bench abs with 10 lb plate 3×10
  • hip abduction 5×12 60 lbs open
  • hip abduction 6×12 60 lbs close
  • cable kick backs 5×10 10 lbs each leg


new workout outfit tip = look and feel tinier with high waisted leggings that are TIGHT and a loose fitting t -shirt that is slightly short. You won’t be showing off any skin, but you’ll feel and look good.

Find a routine that makes you feel better about yourself. It is important that the goodness starts inside you, and you shine that light outside.


XO Patricia



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