pre week prep

Jan 22, 2017

Looking forward to a great week!!! …not. Still have all of my planning and prepping the never ending to-do list on top of everything else, but it is what it is.

Did an upper body workout today and felt good. May go for some heavier weight or more reps next circuit. We will see.

the workout

  • 10 minute run at 5.7
  • vertical traction pull down 3×10 @ 50
  • close grip rows 3×10 @ 40
  • wide grip rows 3×10 @ 40
  • straight arm cable raise from between the legs 3×10 @ 25
  • cable high pulls 3×10 @ 25
  • resistance band leg lifts 3×10 to super set
  • straight arm pull downs 3×10 @ 35
  • resistance band kick backs to super set
  • overhead cable row 3×10 @ 35
  • 5 minute run at 6.5
  • chest press 3×10 @ 30
  • 20 lb dumbbell single row 3×10
  • resistance band pull-a-parts to super set 3×10
  • ab crunch 3×10 @ 30
  • fly machine open 3×10 @ 20 (back)
  • fly machine closed 3×10 @ 30 (chest)
  • sauna 10 minutes

goal setting

It is important to set personal goals in all domains. I want to run a 5k in March and then maybe run a 10k in May.

I also want to lose a few more inches for a Gala I am attending in early March. The Gala is for Pediatric Cancer, specifically benefiting the charity I worked closely with in college. Let me know if this is an event that you would like to attend or a cause you would like to support!


XO Patricia



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