you’re not yourself when you’re hungry

Jan 25, 2017

Been off the grid for a few days with a nasty cold. Besides the tissue box being glued to my hand, I didn’t have too much of an appetite and drank lots of tea and soup, so I guess there calorie intake balanced out for the inactivity.

Obviously missed This Is Us last night because of class, so it was the perfect motivation to stay on the cardio machines a little bit longer today!

My skin has been looking pretty good thanks to Amber’s suggestion (check the lifestyle link for the tip)!

Despite having a cold, my energy levels have been high and I’ve felt pretty full with the current diet. Let’s get one thing straight, I haven’t given up a single food, but I look and feel better. It’s super important to maintain food consumption, just find the balance.

the workout

  • octane elliptical – 30 min
  • elliptical – 30 min
  • leg press 5×12 @ 80
  • quad press 5×10 @ 30
  • hamstring curl 5×10 @ 20
  • abduction open 5×10 @ 55
  • abduction close 5×10 @ 50
  • glute press 5×10 @ 50
  • cable kick backs 5×10 @ 12.5
  • ab crunch 3×10 @ 20
  • sauna 20 min

…then I came home and ate a snickers. welp.


XO Patricia


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