Super Fan

Jan 28, 2017

Ok so I had been planning to go to the gym on Friday then last minute convinced the entire faculty to go to the bar across the street immediately following dismissal and then didn’t leave said bar until 7 sooooo I did not get to the gym…oopsie.

BUT…I took my measurements this morning and I am pleased so I forgive myself.

I became a CYO super fan today and attended 3 games for my students (which also through off my gym plan) so I didn’t get to go until about 5 this afternoon. [better late than never]

the workout

  • 20 minutes on step master
  • squat rack
    • 5×12 normal stance squats with extra heavy resistance band. Weight: 65 lb bar
    • 3×10 reverse lunges off raised step (2 levels). Weight: 45 lb bar
    • 3×10 curtsey pulse lunges with 10 lb plate
  • hex bar dead lifts 3×10 (no added weight…wanna say its 65 lb? not sure.)
  • hip abductions
    • open 5×10 Weight: 55 lb
    • closed 5×12 Weight 50 lb

this was actually very tiring. I try to limit my rest times between sets to keep my heartrate going.

Wont be getting to the gym tomorrow, but I plan for a continued leg day on Monday to support today’s workout.


Tune in next time

XO Patricia


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