cables: tv and equipment


Jan 31, 2017

great day for cables…. This is Us is on tonight followed by Chicago Fire and my entire workout today was done on one cable machine. I love these things. So versatile and so easy to use. Good luck!!

Oh! Also sharing my bomb smoothie I made for breakfast this morning…check out the recipe pages for the latest.

the workout

  • 2o minute interval workout on the step machine
  • 15 minutes of jump roping
  • overhead position
    • close grip vertical pull downs 5×10 @ 60
    • close grip cable row 5×10 @ 60
    • single arm cable pull down 3×10 @ 30
    • overhead cable extension from opposite should 3×10 @ 10
  • mid level
    • squat position close grip row 3×12 @ 50
    • cable single arm fly 3×8 @ 10
  • lowest level
    • squat position close grip upward row 3×10 @ 50
    • high pull 3×10 @ 50
    • reverse front pull through legs 3×10 @ 25
    • seated (on floor) cable rope row 3×12 @ 40

this workout seems like a lot of rows, but it targets all areas of your back. felt AMAZING and really proud of this workout. My back doesn’t look ripped like I’m some macho woman, but ive lost inches around my chest, no bulge around the bra, and have narrowed out a bit through my waist.

Gotta give credit to amandaraines_fit Instagram for clips and inspiration (check her out).

home made frosty to get me through class (24 oz):

  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • dash of pb powder
  • ice water


open back shirts are still in, right?

XO Patricia


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