FEB 1, 2017

Can’t believe we have made it to February. Unreal how this year is flying, and as it passes the stress level rises.

Got a quick workout in today- but focused on my arms, so it really shouldn’t take too long. I wanted to get abs and calves in, but it was 9:30 and I was ready for the day to be over.

the workout

  • 28 minute fat burner interval workout on the elliptical (burns about 280 cal)
  • tricep extension (overhead) on cable machine 3×15 @ 30
  • reverse grip pull down (single arm tricep extension) 3×10 @ 15
  • single arm bicep curl 3×10 @ 10
  • cord curl 3×10 @ 20

like I said — super short, but you don’t want to over train your arms, your biceps especially. It is super important, though, that you do train them at least once a week.

Perfect your skinny arm

XO Patricia


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