February 2, 2017

Happy Groundhog Day, ya’ll! I had a kind of shitty day at work today, so I didn’t want to do strenuous workout that would potentially hurt me or the ones around me. My calves have also been kind of sore, so that’s another reason why I didn’t want to over do it.

Had a delish berry smoothie this morning.  also tried to cut back on protein powder today and had regular peanut butter instead.

the workout

  • 45 minutes on the elliptical gliding machine
  • sworkit 10 minute ab workout
    • standing side crunch
    • burpees
    • planks
    • different levels of crunches and extensions
    • all body weight
  • ab incline bench 5×10

HIGHLY recommend sworkit app. It provides worksouts given your time constraint and target area. The ab one was great. [PS the app is free =)]

Ma made (bought) lasagna. Goodbye diet, hello fat week.


XO Patricia



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