February 6, 2017

Eli Manning still remains the only QB to beat Tom Brady in a superbowl. I WILL TAKE IT. Although I would have enjoyed a Falcon win. Win-win either way.

Took another leg day today, but a focus on legs and not on the booty. I have definitely noticed a change in the definition of my legs, and I am really digging it. Keep up the good work, ladies! You will see results, I promise!!

the workout

  • 15 minutes on the step master
  • leg press 5×12 @ 100 lb
  • calf press 2×20 @ 100 lb
  • quad extension 3×10 @ 30 lb
  • closed abduction 5×15 @ 50
  • open abduction 5×12 @ 50
  • hamstring press 3×12 @ 30
  • cable kick back 3×10 @ 12.5
  • side leg lift 3×10 @ 12.5

Focused on all machines and not free motion weight today. Not a lot of free space due to a class, but the rest of the gym wasn’t super packed. It is good to stick to machines every once in a while. Plus, I wasn’t feeling too creative. Keep checking @amandaraines_fit for vids!

summer is coming…right?

XO Patricia


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