we’re back

February 11, 2017

We are back in more ways than one. 1st, the anchor chicks made an appearance as a biker gang last night at a local watering hole. We drank all the bud lights. 2nd, I made a return to the gym after some time away due to life and snow.

Since I had been away for so long, I did a total body workout. I didn’t use too heavy of weights just to get back into it, and I tried to target each area of my body at least once. Enjoy!

the workout

  • 10 minutes on the glide elliptical
  • leg press 4×15 @ 80 lb
  • calf press 2×15 @ 80 lb
  • quad press 3×10 @ 30
  • hamstring curl 3×10 @ 30
  • abductions
    • standing open to close 3×12 @ 50
    • standing close to open 3×12 @ 50
  • glute press 3×10 @ 50
  • vertical extension pull down 3×10 @ 50
  • chest press 3×10 @ 20
  • tricep press 3×10 @ 50
  • sworkit workout 15 minutes – each exercise is 30 seconds long
    • v balance
    • wide stance squats
    • squat lunges
    • split lunge jumps
    • crab walk
    • break
    • side squat jumps
    • squat jumps (frogs)
    • vertical arm rotation
    • plank jacks
    • run in place
    • break
    • squats
    • reverse plank
    • tricep raise
    • t raise
    • wall sit
    • bicycles
    • arm circles
    • break
    • sit ups
    • high knees
    • reach throughs
    • push up plank
    • side plank (15 seconds each side)
    • side plank top arm extended vertically (15 seconds each side)
    • break
    • genie sit
    • scissor kicks
    • push ups
    • chest expanders

Then I obviously hit up CVS for some new products because I have an addiction at drug stores. I picked up a new face cream – Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging, and a new eye cream – studio 35 firming eye cream day and night. Updates to come. I also grabbed some sheet face masks for hydrating, cleansing, brightening and eye energizing.

Recently, I have been using acne cream in addition to my essential oil treatment to work on my pores and black heads, so I picked up a tinted acne cream by Neutragena to concel and correct.

Updates and pampering to come! I’ll probably do another Jergens treatment today since Meg and Madeline are African children they’re so tan.

XO Patricia


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