rap meets country

February 13, 2017

Had a short hour at the gym today. Had plenty of yummy PB and a berry smoothie to get me through the long day. Tutored genetics to 7th graders and I wanted to die. I’ll just leave that there.

the workout

  • 10 minute run at 6.5 speed
  • 5 minutes glide elliptical machine
  • palms out shoulder width pull downs 3×10 @ 50
  • close grip rows 3×10 @ 50
  • wide grip rows 3×12 @ 30
  • straight arm pull downs 3×10 @ 50

like I said, it was super short. and just another disclaimer– I had a lift coach with the club team in college, so my body is used to long lifting workouts (typically). Do not try to over do it and feel like you must complete some of the longer workouts. I will be honest, some of the sets can be redundant and overlap on target areas. It is a guideline not a mandate.


update with the skin care — my skin has NEVER felt better. this Olay face cream has truly transformed my skin. GET IT. Also, the neutragena acne tinted moisturizer/treatment is been great and looks great with makeup. Also highly recommend Maybelline cushion foundation– super easy application and smooth appearance on skin. I wore it to school and it looks so natural and light, and I don’t need bronzer what so ever. it is perfect.


Oh! forgot to mention I’ve been really digging Chris Lane’s Let Me Love You cover lately. So good.

Keep going girls!

XO Patricia


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