pan CAKE

February 14, 2017

HVD Yall. I was showered with lots of chocolate from my students and it was amazing. Also was greeted at my desk by RED VELVET PANCAKES from a first grader…no comparison.

NIGHT CLASS WAS CANCELLED HOLLA! Got a good workout in and got to watch This Is Us in real time so I can participate in the discussions in the lunch room tomorrow. Adulting.

The workout

  • 15 minutes octane normal, 5 minutes reverse
  • squat rack
    • squats 3×10 @ 65
    • lunges 3×10 @ 45
    • good mornings 3×10 @ 45
    • calf raises 3×15 @ 45
    • curtsey lunges 3×10 10 lb plate
    • straight leg dead lifts 3×10 @ 45
  • back extension 16 lb medicine ball 3×8
  • kick backs 3×10 @ 10
  • side kick outs 3×10 @ 10

Been feeling OK lately. Kind of had a fatish 2 weeks of eating and trying to get back on track. Hopefully Feb break kicks me into shape.

get that CAKE

XO Patricia


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