February 18, 2017

Work has been so freaking stressful lately it’s causing a weird anxiety in me. Got so caught up in a lot of things this week that I wasn’t able to make it to the gym much, so today’s workout was a good day back into the swing. I am hoping this week off will get me back on track with my body and my mind.

the workout

  • 15 minute run at 6.0
  • bench squats – sitting and standing with one leg (lot harder than you think!) 3×10
  • box jumps 3×10 as a super set
  • bench deep lunges (foot on the bench and lunge out. watch form here- keep knee behind toe) 3×10 15 lb dumbbell
  • bosu ball balance 100 squats (great for core, inner thigh and booty)
  • bosu ball jackknife crunches 3×15

Experimenting with pedalyte tonight – wish me luck!


XO Patricia


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