February 21, 2017

Another morning to sleep in, another workout not bound to time. Boy do I love break.

Any suggestions on stores to find cocktail dresses? desperate.

the workout

  • stair master 15 min 60-105 interval
  • wide stance banded drop set squats
    • 10 @ 10kg kettle bell, 12 @ 15 lb dumbbell (1 set) x 4 sets
  • banded kick backs 4×10
  • shoulder width stance unbanded body weight squats 4×10
  • drop set dead lifts
    • 10 @ 20 lb dumbbells, 12 @ 10 lb dumbbells (1 set) x 4 sets
  • lateral leg raises banded 4×12
  • cable thrusts/dead lifts
    • new exercise!!! need better grips but it forces you to really squeeze your glutes together to push forward
  • glide elliptical 10 minutes 15 level


this workout is easy to do with light weight/body weight. force your legs to SQUEEZE. that is where you will really feel the burn. once you feel the burn, push harder!

XO Patricia


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