February 24, 2017

TWO GORGEOUS DAYS and well spent outside.

Yesterday, I took a trip up to Garvies Point in Glen Cove. There is a LI museum there and a preserve. I had to do some research on Native Americans, and took advantage of the 5 mile trail there. Absolutely gorgeous, easy but heart pumping, and a great space to clear the mind.

Today, after spending some time in the Jeep Dealership, I took a 1.84 mile run (about 15 min moving fast) around my neighborhood. Saw my student 3 times -__-

Workout didn’t stop there. Instead of taking the drive to the gym, I did some plyometric workout outside. Can’t resist the sunshine after feeling so not myself the past month or so. It is amazing what a little sunshine and vitamin D can do.

the workout

  • each exercise done 10 times for 3 rounds no break in between
    • set 1
      • body weight squats, shoulder width stance
      • lateral leg raises
      • straight leg kick back
      • calf raises
    • set 2
      • sumo squat with calf raise
      • forward crossover kick
    • set 3 (5 rounds)
      • jump squat up to deck step, jump down
  • made a protein water mix to hydrate post run and plyo and shook the bottle 10 times on each arm for 5 rounds (added bonus workout why not)

enjoy the sunshine my friends! I hope you find time for a cocktail in there as well.


XO Patricia


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