February 26, 2017

Today had a body weight, free weight focus. Again, I am not trying to bulk or power lift – just tone and singe the fat I haven’t measured myself in a while, and it is too late in the day to do it now, so maybe tomorrow before work I can have a progress update.

the workout

  • 15 minutes glide elliptical
  • 3×10 sumo squat integrated calf raise with 10 lb plate, superset with 10 bosu ball cross over toe touch each leg
  • step up with a lateral kick 3×10 and 10 lb plate over head, super set with bosu crunches 3×10
  • single leg dead lifts with 10 lb plate 3×10
  • duck walk/squat walks with medium resistance band 4×40 steps
  • glute bridge with 25 lb bar bell 3×12 hold each pulse for 3 seconds and squeeeeeze those glutes (also important to squeeze the glutes during cardio- let your booty be the driving force to power your legs)
  • 25 lb barbell hip thrusts holding for 3 3×10 (squeeze your glutes through the workout)
  • 20 scissor kicks


I really tried to focus on the outer thigh area that is probably the hardest to target and burn away. It is the place that when you say “this is going straight to my thighs” well it happened. more than once. so now we have to go to work to fix it.


XO Patricia



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