February 27, 2017

Wow was today hard or what. Coming back from break is not easy. Especially Mondays.

Some people have terrible gym etiquette. I was using one of  the cables today, and some dude felt that standing behind me watching was the appropriate behavior for wanting to use the pull up bar 2 feet over. Granted, I was in his way despite being there first, but you don’t just lurk.  idiots.

the workout

  • stair master fat burner interval 55- 110 20 minutes
  • vertical traction (pull down) 4×10 @ 50
  • straight arm overhead pull down 4×10 @ 45
  • face pull 4×10 @ 40
  • overhead cable cord pull down 4×10 @ 10
  • wide grip row in a squat position to the cable 4×10 @ 45
  • rear delt fly machine 4×10 @ 20
  • close grip seated row 4×10 @ 40

so important to squeeze your back muscles to target each area. I can feel my upper body pulling together and creating a narrower frame. I still drink BCAA during the workouts and continue to have a scoop or two of protein in my shakes or yogurt.

keep pullin!

XO Patricia


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