liv luv lax

March 9, 2017

Holy Dear Lord Jesus Christ. It has been a week. From the Gala and a whole weekend of boozing, to lax starting and tutoring schedules being so LIT, the gym has been on the back burner.

Monday — I got to the gym and went on the stair master for 30 minutes – get a sweat in

Wednesday Workout

  • glide elliptical 10 minutes
  • quad press 3×10 @ 40
  • hamstring curl 3×10 @ 30
  • abductions 3×10 @ 50 – each direction
  • vertical extension 3×10 @ 55
  • chest press 3×10 @ 20
  • shoulder press 2×10 @ 10

tried to get a full body in because it has been so long, didn’t want to over do it either, and only had about 40 minutes – tried to be explosive in the workouts with little rest in between

Do what you can and when you can!


XO Patricia


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