soda bread

March 18, 2017

After managing to eat my weight in carbs yesterday, I hit the gym today after practice. Trying to switch it up and get myself back into shape after what seems like weeks of inactivity. My bracket is also falling apart.

the workout

  • stair master – 30 min, total of 150 steps, interval training 6-13 level
  • exercise ball & cable workout
    • overhead rope pulls 4×10 @ 25
    • rope pull downs/tricep extension 4×10 @ 15
    • straight arm pull down 4×10 @ 25
    • close grip pull downs (palms toward body) 4×10 @ 25
    • waist level single arm row 4×10 @ 15

the exercise ball forces you to maintain a tight core throughout the entire workout. the stairmaster is a great cardio machine that is low impact and makes you sweat. workout took about an hour, and is easy to complete on one cable machine. Try it on your next gym day!


XO Patricia



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