March 19, 2017

Hopefully these past two days have put me back on track to have a successful gym week. Going to be in overdrive between work, lacrosse and class this week, but hopefully I will be able to find some me time.

Wanting to pursue yoga at a beginner level if anyone wants to join me we can figure something out. LMK

the workout

  • step master 20 minutes
  • elliptical 10 minutes
  • mega set (1 rep is 1 of each exercise) 4×10
    • stiff leg dead lift paired with goblet squat – 20 lb kettle bell, standing on two steps so I can get depth with the motions
  • split leg lunge off step 4×10 holding 15 lb dumbbell for a bicep curl with each rep
  • bosu ball plank with lateral leg extension off ball 4×10
  • super set 18 lb body bar on shoulders 4×10
    • wide leg sumo squat
    • good mornings
  • glute bridges, feet on bosu ball, 18 lb body bar on hips 4×10

tried to switch things up today! staying with low weights and increasing the cardio to really push the muscles through the fat. Had a decent body image day – wore spandex shorts and felt good so that made the exercises more meaningful and the sweat worth it.


I also am trying the new craze for Halo Top ice cream – low in calorie ,high in protein. I still have been making shakes and drinking protein water when I am lazy, and drinking BCAA protein when I remember to bring it to the gym. Still consuming more grams of protein than other intakes, but not excessively. Meal prep for the week includes grilled chicken (plain) and mixed frozen veggies to just steam in the microwave at school…I need to remember to eat since I don’t make it home for dinner must nights.

Keep me posted with your workouts!

XO Patricia


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