April 4, 2017

Well this weather has been nothing short of depressing and confusing, and has really been effecting schedules and such and it is killing ME

the workout

  • stair master 12 minutes
  • single leg press 3×10 @ 60
  • abuductions 3×10 each @ 55
  • quad press 3×10 @ 40
  • hamstring curl 3×10 @ 30


Only had about 45 minutes since I was starving and had to go to night class so I scarfed down 3 chipotle tacos with chicken, salsa and quac and I’d say that it was satisfying and probably low in fatty shit but who really knows.

ALSO bare minerals blemish blend foundation has actually transformed my skin when using Olay moisturizer and neutragena acne moisturizer (with patchouli spot treatment). My skin is the brightest and most hydrated – highly recommend.


XO Patricia


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