April 12, 2017

Since I have done a lot of cardio this week, I decided to switch up my routine for today.

the workout

  • deep goblet sumo squat on steps with 10 kg kettle bell 4×12
  • split lunge off step with 8 lb dumbbell curl 3×10 each leg
  • box jumps 5×10
  • wide leg squat with resistance bands 3×10
  • squat step outs 3×15 with resistance band
  • hydrants with resistance band 3×10
  • bosu ball plank step outs with resistance band 3×10 KILLER BURN
  • 1 set of 5 partner hams
  • glute press 3×10 @ 50


light weight, fast moving to keep heartrate high, short breaks. Solid workout =)


XO Patricia


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