MAY 1 #(*$W*($!!

What a great day for May to kick off. Was pretty hungover at school today and then had to go be a CONFIRMATION sponsor as if the hangover wasn’t bad enough. Ruff.

Finally back to the gym after a week ish hiatus. Lax is coning to an end so I should be grinding again soon.

the workout

  • stair master interval 20 minutes
  • leg press 3×12 @ 80
  • calf press 3×15 @ 80
  • glute press 3×10 @ 75
  • squat rack wide leg squats 3×10 @ 95
  • glute bridges/hip thrusts on quad press machine 3×10 @ 20


I switched things up with the glute bridges. It was more comfortable with the padded bar than with a barbell. Forces your glutes to squeeze a little harder and in between periods you’re basically in a wall sit so there’s an extra burn.


XO Patricia


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