how many days til summer?

May 15, 2017

May is DRAGGING and it has been so busy I can’t make time for myself.

Threw my back out lifting boxes and such, so I did an upper upper body workout today to prevent any additional soreness.

the workout

  • joint relaxing yoga stretching and mental cleanse
  • elliptical for 15 minutes
  • vertical pull down 3×12 @ 40
  • flys open 3×12 @ 20
  • flys close 3×12 @ 30
  • tricep push down 3×12 @ 55
  • close grip rows 3×12 @ 40
  • 20 lb barbell high pulls 3×10
  • 20 lb barbell curls 3×8

trying to get into yoga to cleanse the mind but it has been tough.

Summer so soon!!!

XO Patricia


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