Yesterday was quite the gym experience and I did not do what I had intended to do. I'm also posting my workout from today to make it more complete. Enjoy! the workout (yesterday) 10 minutes stair master quad press 3x12 @ 30 hamstring curl 3x12 @ 30 leg press 3x12 @ 80 calf raises 25 @ … Continue reading woof


how many days til summer?

May 15, 2017 May is DRAGGING and it has been so busy I can't make time for myself. Threw my back out lifting boxes and such, so I did an upper upper body workout today to prevent any additional soreness. the workout joint relaxing yoga stretching and mental cleanse elliptical for 15 minutes vertical pull … Continue reading how many days til summer?


MAY 1 #(*$W*($!! What a great day for May to kick off. Was pretty hungover at school today and then had to go be a CONFIRMATION sponsor as if the hangover wasn't bad enough. Ruff. Finally back to the gym after a week ish hiatus. Lax is coning to an end so I should be … Continue reading gem


April 22, 2017 Got to the gym on Thursday and Friday morning -- forgot to post. So nice waking up late, hitting the gym, and then getting on with my day. Thursday chest and arms stair master 30 minutes moderate interval chest press 3x12 @ 20 chest flys 3x10 @ 20 tricep press 3x12 @ … Continue reading fools


April 18, 2017 Got two workouts in so far this week (forgetting to blog again) but feeling good to be back on a routine (in addition to sleeping in). also fashioning some new crop tops and crop leggings this week! feelin gewd upper body workout stair master 20 minutes interval vertical traction 3x12 @ 50 … Continue reading crops


April 12, 2017 Since I have done a lot of cardio this week, I decided to switch up my routine for today. the workout deep goblet sumo squat on steps with 10 kg kettle bell 4x12 split lunge off step with 8 lb dumbbell curl 3x10 each leg box jumps 5x10 wide leg squat with … Continue reading remix


April 10, 2017 Back in the habit this week. Sun definitely helps. Gotta love this time of year. the workout stair master 20 minutes interval 10  min run at 5.5 vertical traction machine 3x12 @ 40 lat pull down machine 3x10 @ 55 seated close grip rows 3x10 @ 40 straight arm pull down 3x10 … Continue reading whiteout