Essential Oils

I know I talk a lot about essential oils, and I really haven’t jumped on the bandwagon fully, but there are some essential oils I live by.

Tea tree, frankincense and patchouli

Works wonders for my skin. Either in wipes or as a spot treatment, I don’t go a day with out any of them.


I swear by thieves to keep me healthy. I rub on my feet before bed, before school and on my wrists in the morning. I have not had a cold since October. I also use a thieves all natural cleaner for my desks in school…amazing. Also really great to diffuse. It smells like cinnamon.

Stress away

who doesn’t like to be stress free? Rub a little bit on your wrists, temples and the back of your neck and you are good to go!


Also great for feeling well, breathing easy, and keeping you healthy. I diffuse this and also have some on a clothes pin clamped to the air vents in my car. Smells delicious! Cures headaches if you rub on your temples…highly recommend peppermint.

“happiness” or citrus blends

These blends are great to lift your spirits. I diffuse “happiness” in my classroom and add some drops while I’m in the shower. Citrus blends do the same thing- very uplifting.

Coconut oil

GREAT for hair and skin to cleanse and soften. Also pretty good if you add to smoothies. I’m not a huge fan of coconut flavors, but I have friends who swear by adding coconut oil to their smoothies.


ALL of these are available at a amazon, grocery store or drugstore. They can be expensive depending on brand and size, but give some a try! Make sure they come in a dark bottle and you keep out of direct sunlight.