Everyday stuff

If you are someone who has skin like I do…uneven toned, blotchy, spots, etc., you probably use face make up every day. Stop. This past week, on top of a solid workout regimen and good eating and skin care, my skin has definitely been looking good. But going back to work tomorrow, gym after (and the typical forget to wash my makeup off before hand) is probably going to cause some skin eruptions.

the solution

Tinted moisturizer. My go-to this week has been a CC cream from Almay. It moisturizes, has SPF and is tinted so I look like I have put on foundation, but it really is a lotion. My skin looks great with it, and I don’t need to pile on anything else. Guilty, I have been putting it on before the gym, just to even out the tone (you never know who you’re going to run into). But I highly recommend. It also saves me time, saves my “good” … erhm drugstore … face makeup for when I’m hitting the town. I don’t look done up everyday, but I don’t look like I’ve just rolled out of bed.

I chose CC over BB because the CC focuses on color correcting. It is also a lighter cream than the BB. I want to even the overall tone of my skin, not just in certain spots. But it is a personal preference. Check it out.

Oh and don’t forget the eyes

While on this topic of minimal makeup for day to day things, I have also invested in a clear mascara. I rub my eyes LIKE CRAZY because people at work drive me insane, so this solves the raccoon eye issue. (also great when you sweat at the gym). I have also used this as a lash base before I use a regular mascara. I’ve noticed a difference in length and less clumping. My black brown mascara that I am playing around with is the Loreal false fiber lash mascara and I really like it. It helps separate each lash before I add another coat. I don’t like the heavy volumous & thick mascaras because it makes my eyelashes too thick and my eyes small. This highlights the length of my lashes and just adds a little more, but still looks really natural. I recommend.